Guide-support services

Thinking of opening new destination, but have no manpower, time or other resources to explore it? Let us do the job and bring you the complete Tour Portfolio – easy and fast.

The process is simple and consists of just few steps:

  1. Let us know your goal. It can be either a specific destination (e.g. Himalaya Dolpo) or a general characteristic of your vision (e.g. polar region available by plane and boat)
  2. Give us your tour limits (e.g. available for disabled people, non-visa region, maximum 14 days trip, hotels-only, 3000 USD per person max, min. 10-person tour teams) or challenges expected (e.g. crossing 5000 meters above the sea, etc.)
  3. Within a week you will get a business proposition: suggested  destinations, general brief of your potential tours, cost of our research expedition
  4. After discussing the details (Skype or our office in Poland) and signing the agreement, our job begins
  5. Finally you get a:
    1. Tour Portfolio
    2. Online Briefing for your guides:  learn all we have learned about the region/destination/tour: tips, challenges, risks, must-sees, etc.